E-commerce Site Gets A New Support Center

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The objective of this project was to make customers feel comfortable purchasing products from MR Direct rather than their competitors. The challenge MR Direct faced at the time was that it was not yet considered a household name brand and relied heavily on word-of-mouth and online searches. How could we position our marketing strategy to convince customers to trust purchasing their kitchen or bathroom sink from MR Direct over their competitors?

The strategy was to establish a strong online presence with an attractive, user-friendly website and build a reputable social media presence to position MR Direct as an expert in their industry. In addition, a focus would be placed on leveraging excellent customer service, various available customer tools, certifications, and providing consumers with valuable content to establish a trusting relationship between MR Direct and their customers.

The role I played in this redesign was to create a support center that would more effectively educate the consumer and provide valuable content that was readily accessible.

Skills  Research, UI/UX Design, Web Design, Copywriting, and Testing

Client  MR Direct Int.

Date  Jun. 2015 – Jan. 2016

Status  Online

Responsive Design

Sticky Menu Improves User Experience

Research + Process


Clarified goals, interviewed key stakeholders, performed website audit, conducted formative and summative research, created personas using social audience insights, used web analytics to identify bounce rates and user flow, observed best practices and industry trends.



Proofed site for errors, researched product materials, performed SEO and keyword research, rewrote new content, designed educational imagery to complement copy, considered social media outlets, developed information architecture and content mapping.


Determined final information architecture, explored various interface possibilities, transferred hand-sketches into Moqups service to build wireframes, conducted usability testing. Refined prototypes based on testing results and mapped content to wireframe.


Revisited brand standards and positioning, standardized styles created master sheets, determined media breakpoints for relevant devices, refined designs and proofed copy, packaged and delivered assets for production, conducted final functionality and usability testing.

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